The Black Scottish Awards Unveils Finalists for 2023 Ceremony

The Black Scottish Awards stands as a vibrant celebration of excellence within Scotland’s Black community. This first of its kind event serves as a platform to recognise and honour outstanding individuals and organisations, united in their commitment to breaking down barriers and championing excellence.

The Black Scottish Awards boasts a rich tapestry of diverse categories, carefully curated to spotlight and applaud excellence spanning various sectors. The meticulous process of selecting finalists for these categories ensures that only the most deserving individuals and organisations are celebrated, underlining the Awards’ commitment to recognising the true champions of excellence in our nation.

Awards launched to celebrate the Scottish Black community

The Black Scottish Awards will take place in Edinburgh on October 28 to recognise individuals and organisations who have made significant contributions to Scotland in various fields. Areas will include, but will not be limited to, business, arts, education, sports and community service. The event is also designed to provide a platform to inspire the next generation of Black Scottish leaders.

The Black Scottish Awards initiative is the brainchild of Enoch Adeyemi, who said he saw the need to highlight the achievements of the Black Scottish community”. Mr Adeyemi is also the founder and chief executive of Black Professionals Scotland. He has consulted within the financial services sector for almost 20 years in roles with global and smaller brands, including asset managers and banks.

Finalists unveiled for first Black Scottish Awards in Edinburgh

The awards, founded by Enoch Adeyemi, celebrate the contributions of individuals and organisations to the Black Scottish community across business, the arts, education, sports and community service.

Judges include Dr Debora Kayembe, rector of the University of Edinburgh, and Kieron Achara, executive director of the British Basketball Federation.

The ceremony will take place at the Edinburgh’s Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel on Saturday October 28.