Mukami McCrum MBE

She was born and raised in Kenya and has lived most of her life in Scotland. She moved to Scotland in the 70s. She is a proud mother and grandmother whose roots and heritage define her identity.
She is a social scientist, teacher and community education and youth development worker. Her career reflects her deep passion for education as a tool for liberation and for resisting and overcoming social, economic and political oppression. She finds social history fascinating and highly values ancient knowledge, beliefs and ways of life of the African people and the spirituality of Indigenous Peoples of the world.
Being very shy, what comes naturally to her in a crisis is to be reflective and contemplative and avoid jumping into quick or rapid decisions or solutions. But this has not deterred her from actively participating in campaigns for the elimination of all forms of discrimination and exclusion particularly in the field of race, gender, social class, migration and indigenous peoples’ rights.
Her journey has not been without its challenges and she describes the biggest challenge of her life as raising children in a different country with a different culture and system, without the support of her birth family and friends who were very far away.
She also had to deal with the loss of her professional status and confront racism, sexism and alienation. In the face of such adversity, she has prevailed due to her resilience, resourcefulness and sheer determination.
Here are some of her Achievements which I gathered during my research:

  • For over 30 years, Mukami has developed and implemented policies to promote gender equality and advocate for women’s rights at the local, national, and international levels.
  • She has championed women’s rights and equality by initiating discussions to challenge negative attitudes and male violence toward women and girls in Kenya, engaging in national and international campaigns against gender-based violence, and serving on key advisory groups in Scotland and the UK.
  • She has developed international links and experiences through her engagement with international NGOs, involvement in grant assessment and peace support organisations, and active participation in international conferences and summits.
  • She is not just a leader; she is a visionary leader and has worked with government officials, members of parliament, and international organisations serving on advisory forums, committees and panels. Her impact can be seen in every project, policy, and partnership she’s been a part of.